#11: Hormone Replacement Therapy

The prompt for last month was ‘Breasts’ and for it, three posts were linked — two by Feve, and one by myself. Before I share the hot flash with you, there’s something else I want to share with you.

This month’s prompt — Hormone Replacement Therapy — is the last for The Menopause Diaries. Don’t worry, this site will not disappear, but it will be closed for March 2022, to open up again on 1 April 2022 with something similar, but significantly different. Thanks to May More, who had a brilliant idea, this site will soon ‘cater’ for a larger group of people.

For now, please join in with the prompt for this month, then come back in April for the big reveal.

Hot flash!

The hot flash for last month’s prompt comes from Feve:

So one of the things I have struggled with for a long while now is my (lack of) turn-on-able-ness when it comes to mammary stimulation. Part of it is psychological, part of it is physical; both stem from the same traumatic experience (TRIGGER WARNING: that linked text does say traumatic experience), I think — memories and hormones mixed to create a lasting uncomfortable after-effect — and unfortunately, the physical aspect of discomfort seems to be heightened during my current experience of peri/menopause.

From If by ‘swollen and tender’ you mean ‘shrunken and just NO’ then yep, that’s me.

This month’s prompt

When my mom’s uterus and ovaries were removed close to her fortieth birthday, she immediately entered menopause. Back then, in South Africa, it was common for doctors to put you on hormone replacement therapy. This prevented my mom from experiencing any of the effects of menopause, especially those nasty hot flushes.

Nowadays, doctors are reluctant to put people on hormone replacement therapy, because of the increased risk of breast cancer. However, some of us do find ways, whether it’s getting a doctor’s prescription, or finding natural products that do the trick/

Share your experiences with hormone replacement therapy, or why you might have chosen not to use it.

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