This month we are going to look at weight problems.

Unfortunately, last month has been a very quiet month here on The Menopause Diaries, and only my own post was linked to the ‘Skin changes‘ prompt.

I hope this month will be different. Please help me to grow this meme.

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This month’s prompt

We are in the month of December, the month of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But also the month of excessive amounts of food because of all the festivities. Mostly after this month, people think of diet, to shake those extra kilos they have gained. However, when in menopause, the kilos might have been there already, or you might gain faster than others. Share with us the problems you have with your weight because of menopause, and how you feel about it?

How to join in?

Everyone is welcome to join in, whether or not you are the menopausal one. To keep things organized, please note the following:

  1. Write your post — it has to deal with menopause, but can be fact or fiction — and post it on your blog. Then come back here to link it below.
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