You might have noticed that I extended the prompt of September — sleep disorders — to the end of October. There’s a reason for this. It’s because I am wondering about this meme. Wondering if I should leave it here in its own space, or move it back to the Wicked Wednesday site. I want to grow this meme, as I feel talking about menopause is important, and sharing our experiences even more so. However, the growth I have hoped for has not happened… yet.

It took me weeks to decide to give it another year. We renew our domain names and hosting every February. If by the end of 2022 the meme has not grown, I will move it back to the Wicked Wednesday site, and leave it as an open linkup. But, until then, we continue… and I need all of you out there to help me grow this meme.

Come share your menopausal experiences, whether you are the one going through menopause or not!

Hot flash!

For the previous prompt, there were three links, one by me, and one each by Mrs Fever and Mrs Jones:

Insomnia is something that affects a wide range of people. My personal battle with insomnia started young — the hypervigilance I adopted because of the uncertainty and stressors of my home life as a child rooted sleepnesses deep in my psyche, and other life factors have impeded sleep ever since — and while I now have periods where I sleep fairly well, I also have nights where I’m so exhausted by my attempts to sleep that by the time morning comes and it’s okay for me to be awake, I feel like I need a nap.

From Wide Awake In Dreamland by Mrs Fever


Insomnia has been a feature of my life for so long I can’t remember when it started. There seems to be this blur between having a toddler who didn’t sleep all night and dealing with young children who were ill during the night. Once the children were a bit older and sleeping better the snoring started. Mr Jones suffers from sleep apnoea. The snoring wasn’t loud but what was distressing was listening for his breathing to stop so I could jolt him back to breathing again. All in all I have had many reasons not to sleep well for so long that changes in sleep patterns as a result of peri- and post menopause were difficult to identify.

From Hello 3am by Mrs Jones

This month’s prompt

This month the prompt is: skin changes.

Have you noticed your skin getting drier, or suddenly you are getting pimples again? Or maybe you have more of those brown or red spots (not freckles) on your skin? Share with us the skin changes you have noticed because of menopause.

How to join in?

Everyone is welcome to join in, whether or not you are the menopausal one. To keep things organized, please note the following:

  1. Write your post — it has to deal with menopause, but can be fact or fiction — and post it on your blog. Then come back here to link it below.
  2. Your post should show the badge of The Menopause Diaries, which you can find with the rules. If you are unsure how to add the badge, please read this guide.
  3. If you don’t have a blog but want to submit a post, please add your post here (please note, this page is only for when you don’t have a blog of your own, or when you don’t want the post on your own site).
The Menopause Diaries

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3 thoughts on “#8: Skin changes

  1. I’m certainly no expert on memes, but since you want to grow this one, I wonder if you’ve reached out to people individually? I know that for me, personally, I pay more attention when a one-one-one request is made.

    Also, I think frequency is a factor. When a prompt comes regularly — every week or two — I notice it more. I don’t always join in, but I pay attention. When it’s every month (or two months), it feels like a project is slowing down, which is probably the opposite effect you’re after if you want to grow your meme.

    It *is* a bit specialized, though. Menopause isn’t necessarily on the minds of “sex bloggers.” It’s a piece of the female sexual health puzzle, but there are a lot of other pieces as well.

    1. Thank you for your tips, Feve. You actually gave me an idea to bring the menopause prompts to the attention of people participating in Wicked Wednesday. I don’t want to turn this into weekly prompts, but I can promote it weekly. And, as you said, this is a specialized meme, so it will never get as big as WW, but at least I can try.

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