The reason I moved The Menopause Diaries to its own domain is to grow the meme as I have done with Wicked Wednesday. I almost didn’t post the prompt for this month, wanting to just stop with it, since it’s not getting the attention I hoped it would. But, I know I need to give it some more time, so here goes…

Hot flash!

Last month only two posts have been linked, that of myself, and an incredibly interesting one by Sir Thomas:

Firstly, andropause is the condition that most males suffer with age due primarily to declining testosterone levels. Unfortunately, it is rarely talked about, even less than menopause. Some doctors even deny that andropause is a real medical condition.

In Australia, on Sunday night, we had an excellent segment on ‘Sixty Minutes‘ on menopause. Congratulations to them and all the women around the world advocating for more open conversation and medical assistance for this condition that will afflict 50% of the world’s population.

From Menopause vs Andropause – Similarities and Differences by Sir Thomas

This month’s prompt

One of the things that change for every person going into menopause, is their sleep patterns. Whether it’s because of suffering from hot/cold flushes, insomnia, sleep apnea or anything else that changed your regular sleep pattern and steals your sleep.

When (peri)menopause got you in its grip, did your sleep pattern change? How? Why? What did you do to sleep better? Share your tips with us.

How to join in?

Everyone is welcome to join in, whether you are the menopausal one or not. To keep things organized, please note the following:

  1. Write your post — it has to deal with menopause, but can be fact or fiction — and post it on your blog. Then come back here to link it below.
  2. Your post should show the badge of The Menopause Diaries, which you can find with the rules. If you are unsure how to add the badge, please read this guide.
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The Menopause Diaries

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