Changes in the menstruation cycle is one of the first signs that a female body is approaching menopause, and this in brings with it its own problems.

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I used to differentiate between migraines and tension headaches as one was prefaced by some visual disturbance – classic migraine. But the Doctor told me that actually the other headaches were migraines too even though they didn’t start the same way. These are common migraines and I probably get more of those. The hormonal ones are often this type. Usually they will last 3-5 days and I wonder if they are actually cluster headaches, but it matters little what they are actually called as I seem to be stuck with them so just need to deal with it.

Not tonight dear, I’ve got a headache by Submissy

This month’s prompt

One of the earliest signs of (peri-)menopause is the fact that the menstruation cycle is not as regular as it was before. The decrease of the egg production means the hormone levels drop too. With the irregular menstruation cycle, signs of premenstrual syndrome such as bloating, tenderness of breasts and mood swings can occur, even when you don’t get your period. The time between your periods may be longer or shorter, or your menstruation might materialize as only a couple of spots (spotting).

Was your menstruation cycle the first thing that ‘warned’ you about menopause approaching? Did your menstruation get less or heavier, or did it disappear entirely? How long did you have irregular periods before your menstruation stopped entirely? Did you suffer from the same things with your (peri-)menopausal menstruation than when you were younger? Share your experiences, and please share your menstruation stories, even if you don’t think you are approaching menopause. All experiences are valid and we can learn from each other.

Missy is also talking about Menstruation this month over on Sexual Health, so please think about linking up there too.

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