A headache can totally ruin your day, and some of us suffer from more headaches because of menopause.

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Fast forward to my perimenopause, my sex drive was almost outstripping that of my OH. This was a bonus for us both, as it coincided with me owning more sex toys and us having more instances with the house to ourselves! Another happy coincidence was a newfound awareness that I could have more than one orgasm (in my 20s and 30s I was a 1 and done person).

~ The Orgasm Gap – a Moving Target by Posy Churchgate


Ironically as I grow more comfortable in myself, my age means that my need to masturbate lessens. Although not officially menopausal yet, I am in the years where hormonal changes mean that lots of things are affected, including my desire for self-pleasure. When combined with stress, I can feel that really I don’t need it like I did, and this is something that I am accepting while at the same time not altogether wanting to give in to. I believe that masturbation can be good self care and it can keep the sexy hormones going, so hopefully I can fight my hormones and keep it up, or in lol.

~ Talking about masturbation by Submissy

This month’s prompt

Even those women who have never suffered from headaches before, can get them when they go through the menopausal process, because of the fluctuation in the hormone levels. A headache is a throbbing pain that can be either on the one side of your head, or both, or even feel like it’s everywhere. A headache can eve get so bad that you are sensitive to light, or feeling nauseous because of it.

Do you suffer from menopausal headaches? What do you do to get rid of them? Does pain medication work, and if so, which medication do you use? Have you ever had to call in sick because of a headache? Share your experiences about headaches during menopause, as it can help others to find solutions for their headache.

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