May is Masturbation month, and we all know self pleasure can look a bit different when you’re in (peri-)menopause.

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Last month only two posts were linked, my own and a fascinating one by Mrs Jones.

In January 2019 I decided to conduct an experiment. I stopped taking the pill. I had read that the pill masks menopause symptoms, but I was a little naïve as to what that could exactly mean. My hypothesis was that if I had stopped ovulating and my uterus was heading to retirement that I would not have a period. My hypothesis was proven to be correct. I have not had a period since January 2019. At the time I was 46.

From Is This Menopause? by Mrs Jones

This month’s prompt

Self pleasure is something we all have done at some stage during our lives, and probably will continue with for as long as we can. However, masturbation can look different when you are menopausal. It can feel different because you don’t get as wet anymore, or because it takes much longer for you to get aroused, or to a climax. Maybe your intimate skin is more tender than it was before, or it just doesn’t feel the same it always did.

Have you run into any problems with masturbation since you entered (peri-)menopause? Please share your experiences.

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