Before we go to the prompt of ‘flushes’, let’s look at the first prompt of The Menopause Diaries, for which 4 posts were linked, of which one was my own. I want to quote from the three other posts:

I listen to my body. To what and how it feels, to the scratches where once all was smooth, to the tight muscles and nervous hastened breathing, to the sensations accosting my nerve endings, one by one.

Interpreting these incoherent jumbled messages as best I can, I voice my concerns aloud to my husband.

I listen to what my body is trying to communicate.

He listens to me.

From Listening by Mrs Fever


My new speciality in erotic fiction is older women enjoying sex! Waving the flag for menopausal women, I want to illustrate emphatically that we are still motivated by our libido, and for some of us it’s even heightened beyond anything it ever was before. (In my own peri-menopausal phase, I learned that I’m capable of more than one orgasm per session — quite the discovery!)

From Perimenopause – My Time to Shine by Posy Churchgate


I have early signs of the menopause. Well I feel like I do, but officially I don’t. I am in the not menopause. It is hard to know when your symptoms count because like so many other health related things, it is about ticking boxes. The fact that we are all unique and we all experience things differently seems to make little difference where certain aspects of health are concerned. I feel like a number, and I am not in the right group.

It’s not the menopause, well not as we know it by Submissy

Thank you, Feve and Posy for your links!

This month’s prompt

The prompt for April is ‘flushes’ (also known as ‘flashes’, depending where in the world you are). Where we all instantly think of those hot flushes, during menopause you can also experience cold flushes.

Hot flushes

A hot flush can last anywhere from half a minute to about five minutes, and is a quick burst of hot, flushed skin, which often leaves you drenched in sweat. It starts us a sudden feeling of warmth in the upper body, and seems the most intense on the face, neck and chest, but it can also start as a warm feeling in your ankles and spread upwards over your body.

Because of a hot flush you can start sweating, and if you lose too much body heat, you might feel cold afterwards.

Cold flushes

These are not as familiar as hot flushes, but they are related. A tingling, shivery, cold feeling coming over the body, is a cold flush, and it might even make you turn pale or cause you to shake. It lasts no more than a couple of minutes.

A cold flush, just like a hot flush, is caused because of the fluctuating of hormones during midlife. Cold flushes is a sign of temperature instability, because of those hormones.

Your flushes

For this month’s prompt, share your experiences with hot and/or cold flushes. Do hot flushes start in your neck and spread from there, or do they start from your feet and cover your entire body. How do you get through a hot flush? Do you cool your body, or do you just let it happen? Have you noticed anything that seems to make it better, or pass quicker? What advice do you have.

How about cold flushes? Have you ever experienced them? How frequently, and what have you done to get through it?

We want to hear your stories!

How to join in?

Everyone is welcome to join in, whether you are the menopausal one or not. To keep things organized, please note the following:

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