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The Menopause Diaries: Previous entries

I have been suffering from menopausal symptoms for quite some years, which is the reason why I started this meme. Since it doesn’t seem like any of my discomforts are going to leave me soon, it was about time I brought this meme to the spotlight. But, not without highlighting previous actions from myself and others.

Asked to share

When I started this meme, I invited others to come share their stories about menopause. Not only those who suffer from it, but also those who live with someone who is going through menopause; who see the changes in their partner.

Some posts were shared, but the meme never really took off like I hoped it would. This was one of the main reasons why I wanted to change The Menopause Diaries into a prompt-based meme.

But, I didn’t want to lose all those post that were previously posted. At the bottom of this post, you find links to all those posts, and I hope to see more posts linked for the different upcoming prompts.

We need to get our stories out there!

Previous entries

Several posts were linked over the years, but I have deleted some links, as the blogs have disappeared. What you see below, are all the previous entries which are still active. Go read them, and please come back to share your own posts when the prompts go live.

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