The Menopause Diaries: A new home

The Menopause Diaries was created in July 2015, when, on my personal site, I started a post with these words:

Menopause is a bitch!

From: Menopause, The Symptoms

The idea came to me while I was writing about suffering from menopause symptoms, and I wanted others to write about it too. Creating the meme, gave others a place to link their posts. I created the meme button, and asked others to use this in their posts when they linked tot he meme.

The original meme button for The Menopause Diaries
The original meme button

Essentially it was just a meme that ‘sat there’ for anyone to link to. No prompts, but a never-ending linkup. I thought it might be too hidden on my own site, so I moved it to the Wicked Wednesday site, and called it a ‘resource meme’ which essentially is what I wanted The Menopause Diaries to be.

And I still want that.

For months now I have been thinking of what to do with this meme. I am still suffering from symptoms of menopause, and I believe we have to talk about it more; to share our experiences. The thought kept going round in my head: I should do more to bring this meme to other’s attention. Not talking about it, and not even writing and linking to it, meant people for got about it.

Last night, I finally decided to take the step: I registered and started working on this site.

The Menopause Diaries finally has its own home, and will be turned into a monthly meme.

~ Marie A. Rebelle

2 thoughts on “The Menopause Diaries: A new home

  1. I think that this is a great idea. I know what you mean about the hidden memes and I agree that menopause is something that helps to talk about and highlight. I look forward to joining in where I can and finding out more from other. Missy x

    1. Thank you, Missy. I hope this grows out to be a resource for those who want to know more about menopause, and whether their symptoms are ‘normal’. We need to share to learn from each other 🙂 xox

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